Working with XDCAM EX Footage in Final Cut Pro 6 By Heath McKnight The Sony XDCAM EX line of cameras, which include the PMW-EX1 and EX3, offer full HD resolution recording (1920 x 1080), which record onto non-linear flash-based cards that Sony has named SxS. Speed is always of the utmost importance, so it's great to be able to get clips into Final Cut Pro fast and easy. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing: Multi Clip Editing By Larry Jordan In this video, host Larry Jordan talks about Multiclip Editing, the different clips that are can be used, the different tools used, and the different windows that you can work in. He provides an in-depth overview of the application and its interface, and demonstrates how to plan, create, edit, and export professional digital video projects. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing: Ripple tool By Larry Jordan This video emphasizes two editing tools; the ripple and roll tools. The ripple tool allows to cut the in or the out of a clip in the timeline. The ripple tool only allows for the edit of one side of the clip at a time, either the in or the out. The ripple tool automatically cuts and moves the clips to the cut points. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing: Open Format By Larry Jordan This video covers the open format timeline, a new feature in Final Cut Pro 6 that allows for the use of different formats of video. The first clip in the timeline sets the format for all of the other video clips. If the first video in the sequence is standard DV and you place 720p HD clips into the timeline, the clips will be scaled and adjusted so that the formats match to the first clip. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing: 3-point editing By Larry Jordan This tutorial goes over the 3-point edit feature in Final Cut. This is where you can set the ins and outs in the viewer and place corresponding ins and outs in the timeline. The ins and outs take priority over the playhead in the timeline and automatically cuts the overlay video to the same duration that the ins and outs represent. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing: The View Menu By Larry Jordan This video goes over creating a new sequence and viewing clips. As a reminder every sequence that is open in the timeline takes up memory so watch what you have open. This video also touches on marking ins and outs of a video clip without actually cutting clip. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing: Customizing your workflow By Larry Jordan The emphasis of this video is on the timeline and the video and audio track size as well as the multiple markers that you can have shown or not shown. It also touches on customizing the buttons in the upper right hand corners of all of the windows in Final Cut and customizing keyboard shortcuts all of which can be saved to disk in your preference files. ...Read More » By Heath McKnight enables you to upload your video or digital film masterpiece to many different video-sharing websites, such as YouTube, MySpace and Google Video. All you need is a free account with TubeMogul and each of the sites you wish to upload your video. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Editing fast, accurate, and effectively when adding clips By David Basulto As a new Mac and Final Cut Studio user I have immersed myself with all the programs the suite has to offer. Learning Final Cut Pro 6 has been fast and surprisingly easy. I should say the basics are easy to learn. I have found out there is a whole host of useful, time saving features that will enhance even the greatest editors workflow. ...Read More »
Whats New in Final Cut Pro 6: Renaming Clips By Diana Weynand In Final Cut Pro 6, there are two new commands that give you freedom and control in renaming your clips. The two commands allow you to either change the name of the project clip to match that of the file, or you can change the media file name to match that of the project clip. To access the rename commands you can right-click (or control-click) on a clip and choose that option from the short cut menu. ...Read More »
Using The After Effects CS3 Composition Panel By Chad Perkins In the second segment from the After Effects CS3 Essential Training series Chad demonstrates the how to get started using Adobe's After Effects CS3 Composition Panel. ...Read More »
Whats new in Final Cut Pro 6: Smooth Cam Filter By Diana Weynand Were all familiar with the ?shaky camera style of shooting used in many television shows. But if you had to hand hold your camera, or grab a shot on the fly, and didnt really mean for it to shake noticeably, now you can apply the Smooth Cam filter, new to Final Cut Pro 6. ...Read More »
Looking Good with Sony Vegas By Jeffrey P. Fisher People want to look their best on camera. Usually theyd like a little smoothing out of facial features and hiding some minor imperfections. I turn to the Sony Vegas third-party Pixelan CreativEase BlurPro plug-in which includes some great preset effects ready for tweaking. The CE effects also work with other NLEs. ...Read More »
Getting your sequence from Premiere Pro into After Effects and back By David Basulto ?Just cut and paste. Thats all I keep reading or hearing from folks when I wanted to bring my film ?Fiesta Grand from Premiere Pro 2 into After Effects 7 Pro for color correcting. And I about killed myself and my old Dell computer trying to. Sure I was able to bring a few clips in but never the whole feature. ...Read More »
Video Podcast: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 with Jeff Schell By Jeff Schell In this inaugural video podcast in Jeff Schell's weekly podcast series, Jeff takes a look at the new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. In particular, Jeff looks at what's new in the graphical user interface (GUI); he uncovers the changes made behind the scenes; he walks you through the latest "bell & whistle" features like Time Remapping, and also describes which applications you get for free when you purchase Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. ...Read More »
How to pitch your project By David Basulto As many, but not that many, may have seen there is a new reality show called ?On the Lot. Let me start off by saying I am not a reality show fan but this one intrigued me as I am a filmmaker as well. My wife and I sat down to watch an interesting episode. It happened to be about the young filmmakers on the show given a storyline to follow and turning that into a pitch. I have to say it was entertaining to see these mogul wannabees squirm a bit. ...Read More »
Things you need on set (But Forget) By Heath McKnight I was recently a gaffer on a very low budget movie. We had everything we needed, experienced crew, lights, camera, sound, grip and electric, plenty of crafts and services and more. But there were several things we didnt have, items that are usually overlooked when prepping for any kind of film or video production. My goal in this article is to help you put together a checklist of the ?forgotten items that are just as important. ...Read More »
Photoshop CS3 AutoAlign By Ko Maruyama Adobe released Photoshop CS3 in the Adobe Labs for people to check out. If you haven't already downloaded the preview software, I strongly suggest that you do. Adobe's Creative Design package is currently shipping, and you'll find all kinds of cool new features, including the new AutoAlign tool. ...Read More »
Faster Work Flow in LiveType, Motion and After Effects for Final Cut Editors By Kevin McAuliffe A few years ago, program integration was for the most part, non-existent. I've worked with Adobe After Effects for about 11 years now, and I remember that whenever I would have to leave the Avid world to delve into the After Effects world, I would cringe, as it was always a real pain, as the programs never really talked to each other. Thankfully, Automatic Duck has more or less solved that problem for all the Avid users out there working in After Effects. ...Read More »
Let's Set Up Our Project in Final Cut Pro By Kevin McAuliffe As the expression goes, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". This couldn't be truer than when it comes to editors and their projects. I have been an editor for a long time, and have seen some outrageous organization skills from not only freelance editors, but staff editors as well. I thought I'd take a look at good and simple organization, to keep not only yourself sane, but your fellow editors sane as well. ...Read More »
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